Accessing your Superannuation - Pre-Retirement

How do I turn tax into superannuation?

A Pre-Retirement Pension means less tax, more super, same income.

If you are still working and are over your preservation age, have you thought of a Transition to Retirement strategy? You could access your superannuation money in the form of a Pre-Retirement Pension through MyLife MyPension - the benefits are outstanding and seriously worth considering!

Make retiring easier with a whole new set of lifestyle possibilities, especially if you want to continue to work! For example, you may finish working full time but continue part time work, that’s fine - you can use some of your super to supplement your reduced income if you want.

Also what’s great is if you combine this with salary sacrificing you could lower your tax and boost your super savings still while keeping the same income.

Many people are familiar with salary sacrificing – but what has stopped a lot of people is the ‘sacrifice’ part. In the past if you salary sacrificed you had to accept a lower take home income. That can be hard when you have the same bills to be paid each month. With a Pre-retirement Pension, you could put more into your super without losing any of your take home pay!

Want to know more about the Pre-Retirement Pension?

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