Making contributions

Catholic Super offer employees a number of convenient and easy payment options when submitting your contributions.

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Our online based payment options


Online Lite

Online Pro.

What is it

An online facility for your employees who are only Catholic Super members that you need to contribute for, that allows you to electronically remit super contributions and update new members' details online one at a time

This is a clearing house facility. An online facility that allows you to make contribution payments to multiple funds and advise new and terminating members in one transaction

Payment Methods

BPay only

Self-initiated direct debit or EFT.

Who it suits

Smaller participating employers with less than 25 members

Participating employers with 25 members or more. Participating employers who want to use a clearing house facility and direct debit only


Paper based payment options
Our Services team can discuss with you our paper based contribution return forms.
Contact us on 1300 655 002.

Choice of payment
Choose the method of payment you are most comfortable with - either self-initiated Direct Debit, BPAY or EFT .

Checking historical information
You can check previous contribution payments online because online facilities store this history for you.

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