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We are #1 in Australia for: Investment performance, Customer satisfaction, Best pension fund manager
#1 for investment performance
Catholic Super’s Balanced option has been ranked as the top performer for the 12 months ended 31 December 2016 according to the Super Ratings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index. Achieving an annual return of 10.1%, our Balanced option earned $5,050 on a $50,000 investment, compared with the industry average growth of only $3,650. While we have had a good year, we have also had a good decade. Our Moderate-Aggressive investment option was one of the top performers over a 10-year period with a return of 6.2%, according to Chantwest
Catholic Super was awarded Industry Superannuation Fund of the Year 2016 by Roy Morgan Research. We’re Fund of the Year because our members were the most satisfied with our easy-to-use products and services, and our caring approach to their financial peace of mind. We care about how our members feel when they engage with us.
#1 for customer satisfaction
#1 for pension fund manager
MyLife MyPension was named Best Pension Fund Manager at the Money Magazine Awards 2017. MyLife MyPension was ranked the best compared with over 175 other pension funds. MyLife MyPension’s strong investment results and low fees have resulted in their Balanced option returning 7.1% over a 10 year period, above the industry average of 5.7%.

We consistently focus on returns for our members, low fees, flexible products and personalised service.

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