Accessing Superannuation - Retirement

What happens to my super when I retire?

When you retire, you have several options available to you:
  1. leave your super invested with Catholic Super
  2. receive your benefit in a lump sum
  3. convert your super into a regular income stream through MyLife MyPension. Pensions are sometimes referred to as an allocated pension, retirement pension, account-based pension or income stream pension
  4. create a combination of the above

You should obtain professional financial advice before making a decision and ensure you are fully aware of tax and Centrelink implications.

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What does Catholic Super offer me in retirement?

Through MyLife MyPension, Catholic Super offers a pension (i.e. allocated pension, retirement pension, regular income stream) that provides you with a regular income after you leave work.

Financial Advice
Catholic Super offers retirement planning strategies and financial planning to all members through MyLife MyAdvice. Our professionally trained staff are salary based and are not entitled to receive commissions or bonuses as a result of the advice they provide to all Catholic Super members.

Need more information? Contact our MyLife MyPension Service Centre on 1300 963 720.