Harriet Brown

Harriet Brown At only 26 years old, Harriet is an inspiring, nationally acclaimed athlete who has competed in the professional IronWoman series, is a six-time Lorne Pier to Pub winner, and has completed a degree in Exercise Physiology.

Harriet is passionate about all forms of fitness, from physical, to mental and financial fitness. To be financially fit is to take control of your finances to gain lifelong peace of mind. She knows with the right training and support, we can achieve anything. Through her planning and dedication, Harriet has accomplished incredible things, and through her example, she is inspiring and empowering others to be financially fit.

Harriet’s role as ambassador will be to provide an authentic perspective of Catholic Super, to inspire others to take control of their money (no matter their age!), while emphasising the importance of Financial Fitness.

Harriet is a long-time member of Catholic Super, having found us through her mum. Her personal values, including trust and integrity, correspond closely with our own values, making her our perfect ambassador.

Catholic Super is proud to support Harriet as she looks to achieve her goals as an IronWoman, while continuing to provide her with long term financial peace of mind.

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