Harriet Brown

At only 26 years old, Harriet is an inspiring, nationally acclaimed athlete who is an IronWoman, a qualified exercise physiologist/has completed an Exercise Physiology degree, and is a long-time member of Catholic Super.

Harriet is passionate about all forms of fitness, from physical to mental and financial fitness. Through her example, she is inspiring and empowering younger generations to be physically and financially fit.


Her personal values, including trust and integrity, correspond closely with our own values, making her the perfect candidate for our ambassadorship. Starting from very humble beginnings, Harriet found her passion for the ocean at Ocean Grove Surf Club. Growing up, she was involved in many different sports, but ultimately chose Surf Life Saving after seeing her sister take part in the local Nippers program. In 2009, she competed in her first IronWoman Series. In just seven short years, Harriet has become a champion, and is the highest achieving IronWoman from her home state of Victoria.


Harriet was introduced to Catholic Super by her mother, who is also a member and recommended Catholic Super because she knows she can trust us to look after her daughter’s future finances.

Catholic Super is proud to support Harriet as she looks to achieve her goals as an IronWoman, while we continue helping her on her financial fitness journey.


Harriet reflects on the things she has learned over the 2016-2017 season in her blog post.

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