Eligible Rollover Fund

If you no longer work for a Catholic Super participating employer, there are two ways to keep your Catholic Super account open. You could ask your new employer to send your contributions to your Catholic Super account, or you could make a personal contribution or rollover benefits from another super fund to your Catholic Super account.

If your account becomes inactive and falls below $2,000, we may transfer your superannuation benefit to an Eligible Rollover Fund (a fund that protects the value of your benefit). The details of our Eligible Rollover Fund are as follows:

Australia’s Unclaimed Super Fund
PO Box 543
Carlton South VIC 3053

Phone: 1300 361 798
Fax: 1300 366 233
International phone: +61 3 9814 6400
International fax:  +61 8 8205 4990
Email:  admin@ausfund.net.au
Internet:   www.unclaimedsuper.com.au

If your account is transferred to AUSfund you will cease to be a member of Catholic Super. We encourage you to obtain a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) from AUSfund in order to understand their fee structure and how they will manage your account balance.

AUSfund is an eligible rollover fund into which lost super fund members or members with small inactive accounts are transferred. AUSfund has a low fee structure designed to protect members with small balances – $14 administration fee per annum. Most members will continue to accumulate interest in AUSfund. AUSfund does not offer insurance cover.