Fee Comparison

When choosing a super fund, it pays to compare the fees you will be charged.

Even a small difference in fees can have an impact on your savings over the long term.

Sometimes our members transfer their super to retail superannuation funds. How do their fees compare to industry funds like Catholic Super which keeps fees low for all members?

Compare all of Catholic Super's benefits and services not just our low fees, to other super funds using SuperRatings* online comparator RateMySuper.

It's free and easy-to-use! After you've done your comparison, contact us if you are unsure what to do or want to speak to one of our MyLife MyAdvice financial planners.


Please note that the RateMySuper and RateMyPension comparisons do not include any of the following fees or charges:

  • Advisor commissions
  • Contribution or entry fees
  • Exit or withdrawal fees
  • Buy/sell spreads (transaction costs payable every time money enters or exits the fund), or
  • Performance fees (additional % fee payable to investment managers for exceeding performance targets).

* SuperRatings is an independent company and not related to Catholic Super. For more information visit the SuperRatings website.