Accessing your Superannuation - Hardship

Do you qualify for early super release through financial hardship?

Sometimes life’s financial challenges can get on top of you. You can request early release of your superannuation amount on:
  • Financial hardship grounds Apply to Catholic Super. You must provide Catholic Super with evidence that you are receiving a particular type of Commonwealth Government income support, as required by superannuation regulations, before a Fund can release your benefits on financial hardship grounds. We will ask you for your Customer reference number together with the Q230 or Q251 letter from the Department of Human Services.

    If you receive acceptance for early release due to meeting hardship requirements, we are able to release to you one lump sum payment once in a twelve-month period.

    The lump sum payment is to be no more than a gross amount of $10,000 and no less than $1,000 (or the balance of your benefit if it is less than $1,000).

  • Compassionate grounds The decision to release your super before your eligible retirement age is made by the Department of Human Services (DHS), which includes Centrelink. The release of a benefit on compassionate grounds is limited to very specific purposes. For enquiries, please contact them directly on 1300 13 10 60.

    If your application is successful, DHS will advise Catholic Super of the amount to release from your benefit.
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