Insurance Glossary

Some common insurance terminology

At work
The member is gainfully employed, attending work and performing all the normal duties of their usual occupation and working their normal hours without restriction due to sickness or injury or is on approved leave other than leave which is taken for reasons related to injury or illness.

To be ‘at work’ a member also must not be receiving or claiming, and/or entitled to receive or claim, income support benefits from any source including workers’ compensation benefits, statutory transport accident benefits and disability income benefits.

For casual employees, ‘at work’ means the person is available for work and is capable of performing all the normal duties for their occupation without restriction due to illness or injury.

Income Protection
Income protection insurance provides a benefit if you are unable to work temporarily due to illness, injury or accident.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
TPD insurance is insurance cover designed to pay you a lump sum of money if you are no longer able to work due to illness or injury. (See our Insurance Guide for more information).

Limited cover
This means that a member may only receive a benefit in relation to an illness that first became apparent, or an injury which first occurred on or after the date the cover commenced, recommenced or increased under this policy for the member.

This is the process used by the insurer to assess whether they will accept coverage. It usually involves the applicant completing a health declaration and the insurer may require some medical tests to be undertaken.

Waiting period
This is the minimum number of days that must elapse before any disablement benefit may become payable. The waiting period will commence on the first day you are deemed to be Totally Disabled and will continue for a minimum of 14 days followed by a period of Total or partial Disablement extending to the end of the waiting period. If you return to employment during the waiting period for 5 days or less, and become Totally Disabled as a result of the same illness or injury, then those days will be added to the waiting period. If you return to employment during the waiting period for more than 5 days, the waiting period will recommence.

Benefit period for income protection
The payment of a benefit commences on the day immediately after the waiting period has concluded and will be payable for the duration of the applicable benefit period subject to continued eligibility. Catholic Super members can choose either a 5 year benefit period, a period up to age 65 or up to age 70.

This is what you pay for your insurance cover. It is deducted from your super account each month.

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