Managing your insurance

It's easy to manage your insurance online, and we're here to help

Changing your insurance cover

As your life changes, so can your insurance needs. For example, if you get married, have a baby, or buy your home, you might need to change your cover – we’ve made it simple to adjust your cover after these major life events.

What are your options?

Change your cover

You can:

  • apply to increase your cover
  • reduce your cover, or
  • cancel your cover.

Cancel your cover

If you cancel your cover, insurance fees will stop being deducted from your account.

You will not be able to make a claim with us for an event that occurs after your cover is cancelled.

If you want cover at a later date, you will need to apply and provide evidence of your health to be assessed by our Insurer.

Keep your cover

If you’re confident your current insurance cover meets your needs, you don’t need to do anything.

Don’t forget, if you or your employer stop making contributions, your insurance fees will continue to be deducted from your super balance.

How to adjust your insurance cover

Apply online

Log on through MyLife Online, our secure member portal. Simply click the My Insurance button, the Insurance portal button, then the appropriate button for what you want to change.

Log in to MyLife Online

Call us

You can request a telephone interview with our Insurance underwriting team. Our Insurer will call you at a convenient time and take you through the application. You’ll find out straight away whether your application is successful or if there is any extra information required.

Contact us

Send an email

Let us know how you would like to adjust your insurance by email. Simply include your member number, full name, and contact details – we’ll get back to you with what happens next.

Email us

Complete a form

You can also download and complete the appropriate form(s) to make the changes you need.

View forms

Get the right advice

Our Financial Planners can help identify your insurance needs and determine the appropriate level of cover for you. They can also help you complete an insurance application. Please note, a fee may apply.

Book an appointment

Transferring other insurance cover

If you’re transferring other super to your Catholic Super account from another super fund, you may also be able to transfer your current insurance across from the other fund.

You can transfer your insurance through MyLife Online, or by completing the Insurance transfer form.

Do not cancel your existing cover until you’ve received written confirmation from us that your insurance transfer has been accepted.

For more information, read our Insurance in your super guide.

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Making a claim

We understand you may be going through a difficult time if you need to make an insurance claim, and our team is here for you – simply contact us. We can help with questions you may have, and talk you through the process.

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