Get a head start on planning for aged care

Older woman with daughter

<h3>When it comes to aged care, you can't go wrong with planning ahead.</h3>

<p>Most of us know it's important to save up for our retirement. We have a vision of how we want to retire, the lifestyle we want to live. We might be planning overseas trips, spending time with the grand kids, maybe enjoying gardening at home.</p>

<p>However, very few consider what will happen in the later stages of retirement. This is what aged care planning is about.</p>

<p>Reality is that at some point we will all need some help – at home or at an aged care facility. What type of help is available? Do I have to leave my home? What can I afford? These are the most common questions our planners receive when speaking to our older members.</p>

<p>The financial uncertainty can only add to the frustration. This is where we can step in.</p>

<p>We can put together a financial plan that will secure their future care.</p>

<p>We can help you or your loved ones:</p>

    <li>with help at home, short-term help, and aged care homes</li>
    <li>identify the costs that will apply</li>
    <li>make sure the costs are structured so that aged care is affordable both in the short and long term.</li>
    <li>in the decision on which assets – such as the family home - should be kept or sold</li>
    <li>make sure you get the most out of the government benefits available, such as the Age Pension</li>
    <li>consider and understand estate planning complexities.</li>

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