The importance of super for educators

When you’re self-employed, it’s easy to overlook your own superannuation. Unlike employees, it is not something that is automatically set up for you when you start a new job. But as a self-employed educator there are compelling reasons to make setting up your own superannuation fund a priority.

According to research by the Association of Super Funds Australia (ASFA), 22 per cent of self-employed people do not have any superannuation.

Unfortunately, self-employed women fare worse. It’s well-known that upon retirement, women’s super balances are much lower than men’s. But ASFA also found that women who are self-employed have balances that are one-third lower than female employees.

Business assets can and do serve as de-facto superannuation. However, many educators do not have a business asset to sell nearing retirement.

Contributing to super is a sound business decision. It is an asset that will bring financial rewards at the end of your career. Establishing a superannuation account can help maintain a comfortable standard of living in retirement. It’s worth thinking about – now.

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