Retirement Modeller

Catholic Super’s Retirement Modeller lets you take a look at your potential financial future.

You can check whether your super is on track to provide for your financial needs in retirement and see what strategies may help you achieve your goals.

It is interactive - simply use the sliders and input fields to change details and see the effects!

Some of the great features you can use are:

  • Include before tax and after tax contributions to see the effect on your super
  • Select to optimise your super with a Transition to Retirement strategy
  • Enter in breaks in employment, specify part time work and its duration
  • Include assets held outside of super
  • See how long your super will last
  • Specify the amount per year you wish to live off in retirement
  • See how your total annual income received during retirement is broken into super and age pension.

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Launch Retirement Modeller

  Have the following information close at hand prior to launching the Retirement Modeller:
  • Your gross annual income
  • The current balance of your superannuation account
  • Information about any additional before and after tax contributions to your super made by you or on your behalf
  • The dollar value of your assets outside of super
  • The dollar value of any additional income you receive