Retirement planning

Ready to retire? Or thinking about retirement? It pays to plan ahead.

If you’re ready to retire, or thinking about what your financial position will be like when you retire, our MyLife MyPension website aims to help you build your super and plan for the retirement you want.

The site covers three stages to help you in retirement planning:
  • Plan ahead
  • Take action
  • Retire your way
Some of the key topics addressed are:
  • How much income will I need in retirement?
  • Do I have enough in my Super? How long will it last?
  • Is there anything I can do now to maximise my savings?
  • What is a Transition to Retirement Strategy?
  • Will I be eligible for any ‘age pension’?
  • Am I allowed to continue working in retirement?
  • How can we help?

We have developed an interactive retirement modeller to help you work out if you have enough super, and the effects of retiring later or earlier, taking part-time work and more.

Need more help?

MyLife MyPension offers a Pension and Pre-Retirement Pension product. Call our MyLife MyPension Service Centre on 1300 963 720 to discuss your situation.