Take control of your retirement

Your super is your money, and we make it simple for you to manage

You can change your investment choice

Our diverse investment options are tailored for every stage of your life.

As you approach retirement, we offer a number of different investment options with varying degrees of risk. You’re free to change or switch your investment options as your needs and investment profile changes - you’re not locked in. We are here to help if you need more information about these options.

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Changing your pension payments

You have the freedom to choose how much income you receive from your retirement account. Each financial year, you set your income amount – but if necessary you can change this throughout the year. Your only obligation is to meet the minimum pension standards set by the government.

Log into MyLife online or download and complete a request to change your pension payments.

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Making a withdrawal

There are no restrictions on lump sum withdrawals from your retirement account and you can withdraw funds from your pension at any time. If you’re over 60, all withdrawals from your retirement pension are tax-free.

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Managing your beneficiaries

Peace of mind includes knowing your pension money is going to who you want it to, should you pass away.

When you set up your account, you can nominate a beneficiary. Catholic Super will always try to identify and pay your super to the most appropriate family members. To make sure your money goes to who you want it to, you will need to have a valid beneficiary nomination in place. You can update this choice at any time.

There are 3 kinds of beneficiary

Binding beneficiary – valid for 3 years

As long as your nomination is valid, Catholic Super must give that person (or people) your funds when you pass away. To nominate a binding beneficiary, you will need to complete a form.

Binding beneficiary form

Preferred (non-binding) beneficiary

Naming a preferred beneficiary can help Catholic Super decide who will receive your super, but it is non-binding. You can nominate a non-binding beneficiary by calling us on 1300 655 002.

Reversionary beneficiary – for pension accounts only

Your reversionary beneficiary will continue to receive your pension payments after you pass away – most often your spouse. You can only nominate a reversionary beneficiary when you set up your account and cannot change this once your pension starts.

Take control of your retirement

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