Staying in touch

Throughout the year, we will send you information about your account and Catholic Super.

In the interests of saving the earth’s resources and to keep costs down, we would encourage you to supply your email address so you can receive our communications electronically. It is important that you stay up to date with developments in super and changes to Catholic Super. If you change any of your contact details, please make sure you notify us or log onto your MyLife Online account and update your details.

While you are a member of Catholic Super, we will provide you with the following information:

When you join

Within days of becoming a member of Catholic Super, you will receive a Welcome Letter with your membership and account details. Soon after, you will receive a letter with your MyLife Online access details.

After the end of each financial year

  • your annual member statement for the financial year, showing opening and closing balances, all transactions in and out of your account during the year, your personal details, your chosen investment options, investment earnings, level of insurance cover, and any fees, taxes and insurance premiums that have been deducted from your account and
  • details of how to access our Annual Report containing details of the financial and investment performance and operation of Catholic Super for the financial year

The member statement is usually distributed in September each year, and the Annual Report in November as it takes several months to obtain all the necessary financial and investment reports from various investment managers and to complete a preliminary audit of Catholic Super’s financial statements. Member statements are available electronically for those who wish to receive them that way - learn more on online statements.

To members

  • Member newsletters - We will send newsletters to members once or twice a year, containing a word from our CEO, exclusive offers, and anything we think is important for you to know. You choose whether to receive it by email or post.

  • General updates - We will occasionally send updates to you if there are any changes within the superannuation industry, and any news about Catholic Super.

To employers

  • Employer updates - We will send newsletters to members once or twice a year, containing a word from our CEO and anything we think is important for you to know. We'll email this to you if we have your email address on file, otherwise it will be posted to you.

When you leave

  • an exit statement showing your closing balance and all transactions since your last annual member statement.

You can request additional information at any time. The following information is available to you on written request to the Trustee Office:

  • Trust Deed;
  • auditor’s report and audited accounts of Catholic Super;
  • privacy policy;
  • investment policy statement;
  • risk management framework;
  • Director appointment and removal procedures and
  • any further information that you may reasonably require to make an informed assessment of the management, financial condition and investment performance of Catholic Super.

The Trustee reserves the right to charge a fee for supplying some information. The Trustee Directors do not hold a General Meeting for members.