Temporary Residents

Accessing your Superannuation – Temporary Residents

I’m leaving Australia, can I get all of my super back?

Catholic Super members who entered Australia on a temporary residency visa which has now expired or been cancelled and have departed from Australia, may withdraw their superannuation benefits. Higher tax rates will apply to these payments.

Note that these provisions do not apply to Australian or New Zealand citizens, permanent Australian residents or people holding an Investor Retirement (class 405) visa or a Retirement (class 410) visa.

What if I forget to get my superannuation back?

If you do not claim your superannuation benefit within six months of the date you depart Australia, Catholic Super is now required to pay your benefit to the ATO. If your benefit is paid to the ATO, Catholic Super will not provide an exit statement. You will cease to be a member of Catholic Super and you will then need to apply to the ATO to claim any benefit.

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