Update your profile

How to update your MyLife Online account

Click on the blue Login button. It’s in the top right corner

You’ll see some options drop down. Click the member option, MyLife Online

Now you’re at the Manage your account online page, where you’ll need to enter some information:

    • Member type: Use the drop down menu to select ‘Super’
    • Member number: Enter your member number in the box. If you can’t remember your member number, look at previous communications from Catholic Super, or call us on 1300 655 002.
    • PIN/Password: Enter your PIN or password in the box. If you can’t remember your PIN, click ‘Reset your PIN’ and follow the instructions.

Click the Login button.

Now you have access to your super details

Check your details

From the main menu, select 'Personal details'

This page will display your contact information and ways that Catholic Super can communicate with you

Under 'Your communication preferences', the field Benefits statement refers to your annual superannuation statement, to receive this via email make sure this is set to 'All electronic methods'

Under the 'Your contact details' the is an email address field, if your 'email' is missing, or not your personal email address it's best to update it

How to update your details

To update your email and communication preferences scroll to the base of the form, click 'Update your current details'

Apply any required changes, scroll to the base of the form, read the 'important information' then select 'I have read and understand the 'important information' below' and click 'Next step' to save your changes

Now your profile changed have been updated

Not sure how to login?

If you need any help, please contact our Service Centre on 1300 655 002. We're here Monday to Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm, except for national public holidays.

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