Call for nominations

Togethr Trustees Pty Ltd is the trustee of Equip Super (the Fund). As you are a Catholic Super employer, you are able to nominate a candidate to be considered for the position of Employer Director, subject to eligibility under the Board Appointment and Renewal Policy and Fit and Proper Policy. The appointed Director will sit on the Boards of Togethr Trustees Pty Ltd (the Trustee) and Togethr Holdings Pty Ltd.

Nominations open on Tuesday 11 June 2024 and must be received by us, no later than 5:00pm AET on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

Currently, the Trustee Board comprises three Independent Directors, three Member Directors and three Employer Directors. It is important that our Board of Directors maintains the skills and experience required to set the strategic direction of the Fund in the best financial interests of the members.

 In addition to the general skills requirements, the Trustee Board has determined that it is seeking candidates whose skill set complements the current Board; specifically, the successful candidate should be able to demonstrate proficiency in Investment Governance, Financial Acumen, Risk and Compliance and Customer and Retirement Knowledge.

A candidate must meet the minimum skills and qualifications requirements. An external party independent of the Trustee Board and Management has been engaged to assess the skills, education, qualifications and experience of all persons offering themselves for appointment as an Employer Director. You are encouraged to read the Board Appointment and Renewal Policy, Fit and Proper Policy and Employer Director Competency Statement to ensure you understand the Fund’s requirements.

Probity checks, including Police and Bankruptcy checks, qualifications authentication and conflicts declarations will also be required.

Existing Directors are also eligible to stand for re-appointment.

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • be nominated by a representative of a nominating Employer;
  • be able to satisfy the Board that you have a direct, substantial and relevant connection to the membership base or to an industry that employs a significant number of our members, to ensure that a deep understanding of our Employers’ perspectives will continue to inform the Trustee’s decision making;
  • satisfy all the requirements of the Trustee's Board Appointment and Renewal Policy, including the general eligibility criteria and the position-specific skills requirements set out in the Competency Statement for this role; and
  • be aged 18 or over at the time of your nomination.

The successful candidate will be expected to take office from 10 October 2024 to 9 October 2028, subject to any early termination or extension.

Interested in becoming an Employer Director?

Download the complete Candidate Information Pack below, which includes:

  • Nomination Form and ‘Disclosure of Duties and Interests’;
  • Employer Director Competency Statement, which includes details of the eligibility criteria;
  • 2024 Trustee Guidebook for Director Candidates;
  • Board Appointment and Renewal Policy;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • Fit and Proper Policy; and
  • Conflicts Management Policy.

How to apply

To nominate yourself as a candidate, you must:

  1. Review the competency statement to ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria for qualifications, education and experience.
  2. Complete the Nomination Form.
  3. Attach a copy of your curriculum vitae to the Nomination Form.
  4. Complete the ‘Disclosure of Duties and Interests’ form.
  5. Lodge your nomination by returning:
    • the completed Nomination Form;
    • a curriculum vitae; and
    • the completed ‘Disclosure of Duties and Interests’ form.
Submit your application

The completed documents may be returned by email to

Please note that hard copy forms, faxes, and late lodgements will not be accepted.

Nominations close at 5:00pm AET on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

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