We've made a number of changes to our super offer.

As many members will recall, in 2019, the brands under the MyLife MyMoney Fund (Catholic Super, MyLife MySuper and Transport Industry Super) entered a joint venture with Equip Super. This resulted in a merger in 2021. MyLife MySuper members have already enjoyed several benefits from this merger, most notably through a substantial reduction in investment fees.

The changes we’re making at 1 July 2023 will consolidate the way we administer and operate the Fund. This will mean better outcomes for our members through an overall reduction in fees, a more streamlined and consistent service experience, and an improved menu of investment options. Importantly, these changes will also strengthen our foundation as a fund, positioning us for continued future growth and stability.

As part of this consolidation, the MyLife MySuper brand will be retired, with all members automatically moved into Catholic Super. Catholic Super has always been the super fund behind the MyLife MySuper brand, offering the same benefits. Ultimately, it’s a change in brand only – you’ll still receive the same quality products and services that you’ve always received from us.

We’re retiring the MyLife MySuper brand with the best interests of our members at heart. Reducing the number of brands we offer allows us to reduce costs for all members.

Change to your member number and online access

After Tuesday 18 July, you’ll receive a new member number, and you will need to re-register for online access to your account. If you have any queries or problems, please contact our Service Centre.

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