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Being your own boss means you’re responsible for your superannuation contributions.

Depending on how your business is structured, it may also mean you’re not obliged to make any payments. But this can disadvantage people who forgo super contributions in order to pump more money into their business, invest in new equipment, or simply to pay the bills. It means they may not have enough put aside for retirement.

Some of the following government concessions may help to offset this, including:

  • a tax deduction on super contributions up to $30,000* that you make for yourself, and
  • government co-contribution to help top-up your super if you earn less than $60,400 per annum*.

* For financial year 2024-25.

Claiming a tax deduction on contributions

If you make personal after-tax contributions to your super, you’ll have the option to claim a tax deduction.

Claiming after-tax contributions as a tax deduction reduces your taxable income whilst increasing your savings for retirement. It can be particularly beneficial because the contribution is taxed at 15% in the super fund instead of your marginal rate of tax which can be a lot higher.

We always recommend you get professional advice before making a decision on how much to contribute or claim.

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