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Some important considerations

The investment options you choose for your super and retirement savings can make a significant difference to the type of lifestyle you get to enjoy in retirement.

And everyone’s needs are a little different. The investments that are right for you, therefore, will depend on your financial needs and circumstances, and your retirement goals.

There’s a range of factors to consider when thinking about the investments that might suit you best. For example:

  • How long will your money be invested? 
  • What sort of lifestyle do you want to lead in retirement, and how much super will you need to achieve that?
  • Are you going to make a gradual transition to retirement, or retire fully from the workforce?
  • How long are you planning for your retirement savings to last?
  • How comfortable do you feel with investment risk?
  • As an investor, do you prefer to choose your own mix of investments, or would you rather leave it to the investment experts to select a balanced portfolio of investments on your behalf?
  • What other investments do you have – and how will they work together to help you achieve your retirement goals?

What if you don’t want to make a choice?

You don’t have to make an investment choice for your Catholic Super account. If you don’t make an investment choice, we’ll automatically invest your account balance as follows:

These are ready-made portfolios of investments, selected by the experts, and managed by the experts on your behalf. While MySuper and Capital Stable are both stand-alone investment options, MyPension invests across the Cash, Capital Stable and Growth investment options.

Can you change your mind?

You can change the way your super is invested at any time by making an investment switch. There’s no fee for switching. You can switch some or all of your existing account balance, or you can just elect to change any future contributions.

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Your questions answered

If you’ve got any questions about your Catholic Super investment options and how we manage your money, our team is ready to help.

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