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Key information

Provides an even distribution between growth and defensive assets. The aim is to provide capital growth with reduced volatility.

  • Growth/defensive split: 52% / 48%

Who this option is designed for

This option is designed for members who want a balance between risk and return.

Investment objective

  • Accumulation and Transition to Retirement Income:
    Achieve a net return of at least 2% p.a. above CPI over rolling 7-year periods.
  • Retirement Income:
    Achieve a net return of at least 2.5% p.a. above CPI over rolling 7-year periods. 

Minimum investment timeframe

The minimum suggested timeframe to invest is 7 years.

Standard risk measure

The risk level of this option is medium to high, with a likelihood of negative returns occurring 3.7 years in a 20-year period.

Benchmark asset allocation

Asset Class Permitted Range Benchmark Allocation
Australian shares 10-45% 19 %
Overseas shares 5-45% 22 %
Property 0-20% 6 %
Infrastructure 0-20% 6 %
Alternatives 0-20% 4 %
Alternative fixed interest 0-30% 14 %
Traditional fixed interest 0-30% 15 %
Cash 0-20% 14 %

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