Your insurance cover options

Everything you need to help you manage your insurance and make the most of the benefits available to you.

Transferring cover from another insurer

You can transfer your existing cover from another fund or insurance policy into your Catholic Super account. Here we show you how.

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Nominating beneficiaries for your benefit

Let us know who you’d like your super and your insurance benefit to go to if you pass away, by nominating beneficiaries for your super.

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Applying for, changing, or cancelling your cover

Your insurance needs can change over time, so we’ve made it easy to increase, decrease, or cancel your cover, at any time.

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What if we have to cancel your cover?

In certain circumstances, your cover must stop. For example, the most common reasons why cover ceases, apart from members reaching the maximum age, is that they don’t have enough money in their account to pay for their cover, or that their account has been inactive for 16 months, in which case we’re obligated by law to turn cover off.

If this happens, we’ll write to you, and give you information on what actions to take to keep your cover if you wish to. You’ll have a limited time in which you can take action to retain your cover, and, once your cover has stopped, it won’t restart automatically.

Please refer to Insurance in your super for more information about the circumstances in which cover stops.

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