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Get to know some investment basics

Your super and retirement savings could be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever have. Getting to know the investment basics will help you understand how investing works, and how to manage your investments to keep your money working hard for you.

Asset classes explained

Different types of investments are broadly grouped into asset classes. We compare the main asset classes and their distinctive characteristics.

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All about risk and return

Investment risk and investment return. Same coin. Different sides. Let’s look at what the risk and return trade-off means for your investments.

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Investing in your future

The investments you choose today can make a significant difference to the retirement you get to enjoy tomorrow.  

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Solid long-term investment returns

When you invest your super and retirement savings, you’re investing for the long term. So it’s good to know you’re with a super fund that’s giving you solid, long-term investment returns.

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Explore our range of investment options

Catholic Super offers a wide range of investment options - so you get to choose which investments will work best for your needs.

Investing your super and retirement savings

Which investments are right for you?

We offer a range of different investment options, because everybody needs slightly different things from their investments. But how do you know which investments will suit your needs?

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You can change your investment options

Just as your financial circumstances can change over time, so can what you need from your investments. With Catholic Super, you can change how your money is invested any time by switching investment options. Here are some important factors to consider first.

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What does your future balance look like?

Take a look at your super balance and use our handy retirement calculator to see how it’s shaping up for your future.

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Help choosing your investments

Our expert Financial Planners can help you decide which investments are right for you. And usually at no extra cost – it’s simply part of your membership.

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How we manage your money

Our investment approach

Our investment approach is designed to deliver the best possible outcomes for your retirement, with a long-term view and a focus on delivering consistent, long-term returns.

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Responsible investing

Investing responsibly, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, are integral to how we manage your investments.

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About our investments

We invest across a wide range of asset classes to provide a range of investment choices for our members. Take a look at the top portfolio holdings in each of our investment options.

Portfolio holdings
External investment managers

We engage a number of external investment partners with specialised skills and insights in managing different asset classes.

External investment managers
How we value your investments

Get to know how we value your investments as we take a look at the unit pricing and valuation process and how it works.

Unit pricing explained

Your questions answered

If you’ve got any questions about your Catholic Super investment options and how we manage your money, our team is ready to help.

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