Catholic Super awarded 5-star rating

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Scott Cameron, Catholic Super CEO, and Tom Slee, Canstar General Manager, Health & Wealth


The numbers have been crunched. Australia’s largest financial comparison website, Canstar, has named Catholic Super’s ‘Aggressive’ option as a top performer for investment returns over seven years. Out of a field of nearly 70 funds, Catholic Super was one of only six funds to score a five-star rating, two years in a row, capturing a solid double digit performance of 10.8 per cent.

Anna Shelley, Catholic Super’s Chief Investment Officer, explained that while markets face current disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus, Catholic Super’s fundamentals are strong with its track record of investing wisely and making provision for changing market conditions.

“Compared with other funds high growth options, that are 100 per cent invested in shares, Catholic Super’s Aggressive option takes a slightly more conservative approach by investing its option across more diversified assets including growth alternatives, property and infrastructure, which all perform differently during times of stress as we’re experiencing now with the spread of COVID-19,” she said.

“Catholic Super’s track record of strong, long term returns is a reminder to our members invested in the Aggressive option to stay the course for when markets rebound. The fund’s default strategy keeps members in the Aggressive option up to age 51 years and then switches to the Balanced option over a three year period.

“Catholic Super’s Balanced option has, on average, over the past 48 years delivered annual returns just under 10 per cent at 9.84 per cent.  While both the Balanced and Aggressive options have experienced negative returns in March caused by the COVID-19 market downturn, they have performed in the top quartile of the ^SuperRatings Survey relative to peer super funds and, as markets have bounced in April, the long term track record remains strong.

“While these are uncertain times, members are reminded to look beyond the current market volatility and remember that superannuation is designed to be a long-term investment. Historically, markets have rebounded following other public health crises such as SARS or swine flu. Even the 2008 Global Financial Crisis saw the markets recover and deliver record returns in subsequent years. In fact some of the best returns delivered to members over the years have come after a handful of record low points.”

A 75,000 strong member-owned or industry super fund, Catholic Super is also open to all Australians. For nearly 50 years the fund has helped members grow their lifetime savings through its financial planning, insurance, retirement, aged care planning and pension services. Competitive loans and savings accounts are also available at preferential rates for members through MyLife MyFinance.

Canstar is positioned as Australia’s biggest financial comparison site. According to its research, up to 1 million customers visit its website each month to compare over 30 different finance categories for banking, insurance or investment needs.

^SuperRatings Balanced Survey (Top 50) March 2020, independently analyses the top 50 super funds and reports the funds that deliver high returns with lower levels of risk. It ranks all the funds from top to bottom.

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