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Life happens

Planning and advice | | 2 min read

Man alone


After years of being a dedicated school principal, James was diagnosed with severe depression and had to take time off work. He worried about how he would financially support his wife and four children while he was recovering. It was by chance that he came across his Catholic Super income protection policy, which he’d had for over 15 years.  

James found it difficult to admit he needed help with his income, but he had to do it for himself and for his family. When he contacted Catholic Super he was relieved by how his claim was handled. “It was so lovely, it was like talking to a healthcare professional. It was natural, felt comfortable and I didn’t feel like I had to be defensive,” he said.

Claiming on his income protection insurance has meant that James can continue to provide for his family while giving himself the time he needs to heal. Insurance is not just about what could happen, it’s also about helping out when people are going through messy, real life stuff.

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