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Protecting your Privacy

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The recent Optus data breach has highlighted the importance of online security.  

We want to assure all our members that there has been no impact on our systems or any personal information.   

Keeping member data safe is a top priority, and we have a range of security measures in place. This includes strict data handling protocols.   

If you do have any concerns about your personal data or member account, you can call us directly on 1300 655 002 or leave a message online via our contact page.  

If you have a specific concern relating to your data and the Optus breach, we can place a payment flag on your account. It’s an added precaution that means you need to personally approve any payments before we release the funds from your account. This is something you can discuss with our team on 1300 655 002

How to protect yourself  

One of the best ways to protect your personal information is to remain vigilant for unusual online activity and avoid engaging with suspicious emails, text messages or calls.   

We require all members who call us to identify themselves before we can discuss their accounts. This helps to protect your data integrity and ensures no one else has access to your details.  

More generally, you can protect your personal information with the following tips:    

  • Use multi-factor authentication when and where possible (this is an additional layer of security that uses a combination of information to prove your identify – for example a standard username and password, plus a code sent to your mobile phone or email). 

  • Use strong passwords, avoid using the same password for multiple sites, and consider a password management software. Strong passwords contain a mix of letters, numbers and symbols and will usually be eight characters or longer.  

  • Be wary of unexpected communications. If something doesn’t look or sound quite right proceed with caution. If in doubt, contact the organisation directly via one of their official channels, (i.e., not by clicking on any links in the unexpected email or text you’ve received).  

  • Keep your devices secure by installing software updates when they become available. 

  • Never provide your personal details in response to communications you weren’t expecting. That includes calls, emails or SMS.   

What to do if you’re not sure   

  • If you receive an email claiming to be from Catholic Super but it looks suspicious, notify us and delete the email. You can contact us directly on 1300 655 002 to check about any communications we have sent to members. Never provide any personal information. 

  • If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Catholic Super but have concerns about whether the call is legitimate, you can ask for the person's name then call us back on 1300 655 002 to verify the caller.  

  • We will never ask you to provide personal information via social media or SMS. If you receive such a message, you should delete it and contact us directly.  

We treat member data with strict confidence at Catholic Super. For additional information please refer to our Privacy Policy

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