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Changing jobs?

Take Catholic Super with you

Changing jobs and your super

If you change jobs, simply ask your new employer to pay your super into your Catholic Super account. Choosing one super fund is a great idea, as you can boost your retirement savings – most Australians have more than one super fund, and over your working life that could mean thousands of dollars wasted in fees. You’ll need to complete our Choice of fund form and give it to your employer.

Make sure your super goes to the right account.

You may need to give your employer our details:

USI: 33 813 823 017 601    ABN: 33 813 823 017

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Stapling legislation and your super

Stapling means your existing super account automatically follows you when you change jobs. That cuts down on paperwork, duplication, and fees. Find out how the 1 November changes will make it easier to take your super with you.

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Check your investment returns

See how your super has performed over the last 12 months.