Changing jobs

When you start a new job, your new employer will ask you to nominate a superannuation fund for your super payments. If you don’t nominate one, they’ll choose one for you. This is how you end up with super accounts all over the place - your money scattered across multiple funds while unnecessary fees eat away at your savings.

Take Catholic Super with you…

If you change jobs you don’t have to leave Catholic Super – just ask your new employer to contribute to your Catholic Super account. It's really easy!

To choose Catholic Super as your super fund with your new employer, simply:

  • Complete the Choice Form
  • and hand this to your new employer.

If your new employer isn’t already with Catholic Super, it is simple for them to join online – just direct them to our employer’s section: 'Joining as an Employer’.

Need to know more about taking your super with you? Contact Us or call 1300 655 002.