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Setting yourself up for success

The decisions you make about your super today can have a direct impact on your balance once you’re ready to leave the workforce and start your next chapter. That’s why getting support and advice sooner rather than later can help you maximise your saving potential and grow your wealth.

Maximising your investments

Catholic Super provides you with a range of investment options to choose from when it comes to investing your super and retirement savings – but which option (or combination of options), is likely to be best for you? We can take you through a risk profile questionnaire and advise you on appropriate investment choices for your super and your circumstances.

Maximising your contributions

There are several ways you can contribute to your super – and some will suit you more than others depending on your circumstances. We can take you through your options, and help you decide on a contribution that matches your financial objectives and needs.

We consider your cashflow, how much you want to invest, the frequency of your investments and make sure these meet the government guidelines and thresholds that apply to the different type of contributions. We can also consider the most tax-effective opportunities for you.

Growing your super?

Get the right advice, at the right time.

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For all your advice needs

If you’ve got a question or you’re not sure where to start, our team is here to help. Plus, we can refer you to one of our qualified financial planners if you need financial advice. 

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