Unit prices

Historical Unit Prices

You can download our historical unit prices as a Microsoft Excel .XLSX file from the links below or you can compare the unit prices of our investment options using our online Unit Price Calculators, accessible from the buttons to the right.

The files and the calculators contain the unit prices for investment options within Catholic Super dated back to 2003.

Please note: the date listed for 2003-2008 are the 'valued at' date for each unit price (which is the Friday before the effective date). From the beginning of 2009 the date represents the 'effective from' date for the unit price.

What is unitisation?

Unitisation means that your account balance will be expressed in units as well as dollars for each investment option you have chosen.

When a deposit or withdrawal is made, units are allocated to, or redeemed from, your account by dividing the dollar value of the transaction by the unit price applicable at the date of transaction.

The current value of your account balance can be calculated by multiplying the number of units held by the latest unit price available for that investment option.

Unit prices are calculated weekly and allow for taxes and fees such as investment management fees and custodian fees, which apply to all members.

Switching between investment options

All investment switches will be processed on a forward pricing basis.

This means that applications received online or in the mail, will be processed after the declaration of the current week’s unit price (generally on a Tuesday). For example, an application received before 5:00pm on Friday (Melbourne, Victoria time) will be processed based on the unit price declared on the Tuesday of the following week. This is to ensure the equitable treatment of all Catholic Super members.

The request for a switch must be received by Catholic Super no later than 5.00pm on Friday (Melbourne, Victoria time). If received later than 5:00pm on Friday, the request to switch will be recorded as being received in the following week and will be processed based on the subsequent Tuesday’s unit price. Any electronic delays in receiving the switch may result in the request not being received by 5.00pm and therefore Catholic Super will take no responsibility for any delays in receiving the request.