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Transferring your cover to Catholic Super

You can transfer your death, TPD, and IP cover from another super fund or a policy you hold directly with an Australian life insurer, into an Catholic Super account.

There’s no need for underwriting. Just note that some rules do apply.

We’ve provided a brief summary here, but you’ll find more detailed information in the Insurance in your super guide for members.

It’s all in the guide

For full details on changing or cancelling your insurance cover and any conditions that apply, refer to our handy Insurance in your super guide for members.


To apply to transfer your cover you must:

  • Be under age 65 if transferring death and TPD cover, or under age 60 of transferring IP cover
  • Satisfactorily complete the Transfer your insurance cover to Catholic Super form and return it to us within 31 days of it having been signed and dated
  • Provide a benefit statement, policy renewal statement, or other written confirmation from your other super fund or insurer, dated within the previous six months, that shows how much cover you have
  • Have a sufficient account balance in your Catholic Super account to pay for your cover, and
  • Not have special individual conditions, restrictions, exclusions, or loadings applying to the cover you're transferring in
  • Cancel your existing cover under your previous fund once the transfer of cover has been accepted by Catholic Super.

To apply to transfer your cover, you need to complete the Transfer your insurance cover to Catholic Super form, and return it with a copy of your most recent benefit statement from your previous fund showing the type and amount of insurance you have.

The maximum amount of cover you can have with Catholic Super – including any amounts you transfer across from another insurer – is $1.2 million in total for Death and TPD cover, and $15,000 per month in total for IP cover.

Please refer to the Insurance in your super guide for more information.

We’ll write to you once the transfer of your cover has been accepted. If your request is accepted, your death and TPD or IP cover in Catholic Super will become fixed cover.

Conditions apply to waiting periods, benefit limits and benefit periods.

Please refer to the Insurance in your super guide for more information.

Good to know

We recommend that you wait until after we’ve written to you to say your transfer of cover has been accepted before you cancel your other cover.

This will help to ensure you don’t find yourself without insurance cover for any period.

If your cover with your other provider continues, is reinstated, or if you exercise a continuation option, you won’t be able to make a claim under your Catholic Super policy for the amount of the transferred cover.


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If you have any queries about your insurance cover, or if you’d like to talk to someone about the types of cover that may suit your needs, our team can help.

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